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We know that 1 in 4 children in America grow up without learning how to read and more than 10% of high school students in Dodge County, WI drop out of high school.  The rate of economically disadvantaged students in Mayville is apx 30% which directly effects the ability to learn and stay healthy. The Open Door is fighting these challenges by providing free support and educational programs to students in our community.  Over 700 students have access to free tutoring through our WIRED Up Tutoring Program. 18 students benefit from our after school program, WIRED Fully Charged, focusing on academics, behavior, social, and life skills. Many of these students in our WIRED programs also receive ongoing one-on-one mentoring.
There are thousands of mentoring programs in America, but when it comes down to Dodge County, WI, programs are limited. Living in a rural community has so many benefits, but one of it’s challenges is having adequate resources for at-risk community members. The Open Door is the only outreach mentoring program within 30 minutes of Mayville, WI. Family, children, and youth success will directly affect our community as generations continue to shift. Mentoring can help to guarantee active members in our community for the future.
Mental health for individuals, parents, and families is a key piece to a thriving community. With a partnership with licensed mental health practitioners, we help people to explore challenges in their lives and healthy ways to cope and work through them. Often it’s a lack of learning healthy skills to cope with life’s challenges that can derail a person from living a stable and healthy life. Often a listening ear and a shift in perspective can send someone back on the right track. Our program, The Joy Hour, helps others cope with every day struggles. **The Joy Hour and Mayville Open Door Inc does not offer counseling.
The Open Door is taking on strengthening families head on. 30+ moms have committed 9 months, through our Moms Unite program, to be more intentional with their family, kids, and time. Groups like this are proven to strengthen the family unit, which directly impacts the next generation. Moms with little ones also join us monthly for interactive, physical activities at our Moms Active Play Group! More than 100 parents will be joining us for our annual Elevate Parenting Conference. This full day conference brings international and local experts to address every day parenting challenges. We provide many opportunities for families to intentionally engage together. Whether it be working through challenges, enjoying physical activities, or a fun & affordable day out — we believe that strong families make for strong community members.


We're not just a coffeehouse...more importantly, we are impacting the lives of children, young people, and families.

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