Non-Profit Coffeehouse…what does that mean?

We often get asked, “How can you be a non-profit if you’re a business?”.  And I always answer with “that’s a great question!”.  Because it is a great questions!

“Non-Profit” doesn’t mean that you don’t make money.  It’s all about where the money goes once you’ve made a profit.  Most businesses or in our case, coffeehouses, are trying to make a profit.  For us, our mission is not just about coffee…though it’s a priority of ours…to serve the best coffee around.  But it is not our mission.  It’s our mission that makes us “non-profit”.  Our mission to “be the home away from home where any member of the community can gather in a warm environment and utilize the open doors of opportunities for life skills development and mentorship, which will lead to positive change in Mayville and the surrounding areas”, sets us aside as an outreach organization to the community.

Isn’t that great?  We provide a comfortable place that offers opportunities for people to better themselves!  But there lies the obvious question…HOW do you affect REAL change in the community by running a coffeehouse?  And this will answer your question about being a non-profit coffeehouse.  We affect real change by providing free and affordable life skills development and mentorship programs to the community. Programs that meet the needs of the community…that fill in voids that exist in the community.  But how do we pay for those programs?  And there it is…we pay for those programs with the DONATIONS from organizations and people, and with the PROFITS from the coffeehouse.  We pay the bills and staff needed to run the organization and the rest goes to programming.

Our livelihood, programs and positive change depends on the business we get at the coffeehouse.  We have a very real understanding of the reality that our success depends on our customers and we have such an extreme appreciation for every person that supports us, whether through frequenting the coffeehouse or through donations.

We hope that you find The Open Door Coffeehouse as your home away from home.  We desire to help you become the best version of yourself that you can be.  We plan to be around for a long time to assist in making positive changes in Mayville and the surrounding areas.

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