What in the world is a Quarter Auction?!


The Open Door Coffeehouse is hosting it’s 2nd Quarter Auction Fundraiser on April 25th and many are wondering “What in the world is a quarter auction?”!

One aspect I love about the quarter auction is that people can participate, and ultimately give back to their community for as little as $25!  I know for myself, it’s hard for me to go to a fundraiser knowing that I have to spend a lot of money to participate in the event and then give more when I get to the event.  Sometimes, I just can’t afford it!


So don’t let that stop you from joining in on the fun!  The minimum you will need is:

  • $10 Entrance Ticket (Purchase at The Open Door Coffeehouse or at the door)
  • $5 Bidding Paddle (though you can rent as many as you would like!)
  • $10 Roll of Quarters to bid with (though you can bring as many quarters as you’d like!  And we will be selling additional rolls at the event!


Now…how does it work?

As a quarter auction participant, arrive at least half an hour in advance of the start time, loaded with tons of quarters. You want to arrive early so you have the opportunity to view all the items being auctioned off. You will also need to arrive early to make sure you get a seat. Some venues have been known to sell out!

When you arrive, you’ll find a table where they are selling paddles and making change in quarters. Here you pick a numbered paddle (or two, or three) that you will use as your bidding number(s). You’ll pay a rental fee of $5 for the paddle and you’ll return the paddle at the end of the auction. The person selling the paddles will put a corresponding numbered chip into a bucket.

When the auction begins, each item will be displayed to the crowd and auctioned off. At this time, you will use your quarters and paddle(s) to bid. Each item has a retail value that determines the number of quarters required per paddle to bid. Ex. 1 quarter for an item with a $10 – $25 value, 2 quarters for $26 – $50 value, and so on up to 4 quarters.

Once you deposit the required number of quarters per paddle to bid (quarters are dropped into bowls on the tables and collected) you can raise your paddle(s) in the air. The announcer will begin calling numbers from the chips in their bucket. If the announcer calls a number that wasn’t played (the person didn’t bid and raise their paddle), that person with the number will yell out, “No bid.” The announcer will continue calling numbers until there is a winner amongst those who bid and had their paddles raised in the air.

Check out more details at our Facebook Event!  https://www.facebook.com/events/267202227047070/


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