Our Reality and Our Hope

Sip a little coffee then think on these realities…

•The rate of economically disadvantaged students in Mayville, WI is apx 30%. Poverty directly effects the ability to learn, stay healthy, and limits access to necessary resources.
•More than 10% of students in Dodge Cty drop out of high school, limiting their financial potential and ability to become strong members of the workforce.
•There are thousands of mentoring programs in America, but when it comes down to Dodge Cty, WI, programs are limited. Living in rural America has so many benefits, but one of it’s challenges is having adequate resources for at-risk community members.

•With partnerships throughout our community, Mayville Open Door Inc provides solutions and assistance in these areas, resulting in over 500 tutoring opportunities, more than 130 parents recieving mentoring and parent education, and many opportunities for families to engage intentionally.
•We help people to explore challenges in their lives and teach healthy ways to cope and work through them.

So, sip on more coffee and then think on how you can be a part of the solution. Volunteers and donors needed!

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